Physical Therapy Board of California

License Renewal—Criminal Conviction Disclosure Requirements

Based on Senate Bill 1955, passed into law during the 2001-2002 Legislative Session, the Physical Therapy Board of California (PTBC) now requires all licensees to complete a questionnaire specific to criminal conviction disclosure with submission of their renewal payment and application.

All PTBC automated renewal notices contain the required questionnaire. We strongly encourage all licensees to utilize the automated renewal process. However, we realize many licensees renew their license by mailing payment directly to our office or in person at our public counter. If you choose to submit your license renewal outside of the PTBC automated renewal process, you must complete the renewal application which includes the criminal conviction disclosure questionnaire, and submit the completed form with your renewal payment (See License Renewal page). If you are unable to access the document, please contact our licensing staff and we will supply the required questionnaire for you to complete the process.

If a renewal payment is submitted without the required criminal conviction disclosure information, PTBC, by law, is unable to complete a renewal application. The requirement is located in Section 2684 of the Business and Professions Code in the PTBC Practice Act. Please be advised all license renewals are not complete until the criminal conviction disclosure information is submitted. Submitting a renewal payment without the required disclosure constitutes an incomplete license renewal and will delay the processing of your license renewal and issuance of the wallet certificate.