Physical Therapy Board of California

Board Staff

PTBC's staff is assigned to the Application & License Maintenance Service Programs, the Consumer Protection Services Program, or the Administrative Services Program. The primary role of the staff is to support the work of the members of PTBC.

PTBC Leadership

Jason Kaiser, Executive Officer
Sarah Conley, Assistant Executive Officer
Liz Constancio, Administrative Services Unit Manager
Carole Phelps, Consumer Protection Services Unit Manager
Brooke Arneson, Legislation and Regulation Manager
Valerie Kearney, Licensing Services Unit Manager

Application & License Maintenance Service Programs

  • Evaluates physical therapist and physical therapist assistant initial license applications to determine minimum competency and ability to safely practice, and issues license if qualifications are met
  • Determines eligibility for the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) and the California Law Examination (CAL-Law)
  • Provides expedited and individualized services for members of the military and their partners
  • Processes license renewal applications
  • Processes license record maintenance applications, including, name, address, and license status changes
  • Issues endorsement/verification letter to other licensing jurisdictions upon licensee request
  • Audits licensees for compliance with continuing competency renewal requirements
  • Audits Continuing Competency Approval Agencies for compliance with requirements set forth in regulation

Consumer Protection Services Program

  • Receives and evaluates complaints against physical therapist and physical therapist assistants and non licensed physical therapy aides
  • Through the Department of Consumer Affairs, Division of Investigation, PTBC investigates complaints where there is reason to believe the law may have been violated.
  • With legal assistance from the Office of the Attorney General, staff files charges against violators and prosecutes the charges
  • At PTBC's request, the Office of the Attorney General represents PTBC at public hearings for physical therapist and physical therapist assistants accused of violating the law.
  • PTBC Board members may themselves:
    • Adopt, modify, or reject the proposed decisions of Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) following hearings
    • Adopt alternative decisions when ALJ decisions are rejected
    • Adopt disciplinary actions that are negotiated through stipulated agreements between the Board and accused licensees

Administrative Services Program

  • Conducts Consumer Outreach
  • Schedules Speaking Engagements related to physical therapy
  • Prepares Board meeting agendas and minutes
  • Monitors and revises PTBC's website
  • Monitors legislation relative to the consumers of physical therapy
  • Prepares budget change proposals to ensure the budget is adequate to perform its mandate
  • Implements regulations