Physical Therapy Board of California

Appeal Licensure Denial

  Grounds for Licensure Denial

Business and Professions (B&P) Code Section 480 authorizes the Board to deny a license to any applicant who violates one of the acts listed in the code, including, but not limited to, conviction of a crime, false statements, or dishonesty. Refer to B&P section 480 for the complete text.

  Appeal a Licensure Denial

Upon written notification of the denial of the application, Business and Professions Code Section 485 affords an applicant the right to an administrative hearing if written request for hearing by the applicant is made within 60 days from the service of the notice of denial. Failure to submit the request for hearing within the 60 days, the right to a hearing is deemed waived. The request for hearing should be mailed by registered letter addressed to:

Physical Therapy Board of California
2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 2600
Sacramento, CA 95815

If the applicant elects not to appeal the denial of the application, the applicant has the right to reapply for licensure one (1) year from the date of denial.

  Rehabilitation Criteria for Denial and Reinstatement of Licensure

Please reference Section 1399.21 of the California Code of Regulations for the rehabilitation criteria for denial and reinstatement of licensure.