What Does an Expert Consultant and/or Practice Monitor Do

Expert consultants play a very important role in consumer protection.  As an expert consultant, you will provide consultation to staff, review case materials and based on your review of the information provided to you, provide a written report rendering an impartial opinion of the care provided by the subject licensee, and when necessary, testify at administrative hearings.

If you are interested in providing expert consultant services to the Board and you meet the Subject Matter Expert Criteria and Expectations please submit a completed Expert Consultant/Practice Monitor application along with a cover letter outlining why you would like to participate in the program and include a current curriculum vitae.  Mail your documents to the Board at:

Physical Therapy Board of California
Consumer Protection Services
2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 2600
Sacramento, CA  95815
(916) 561-8215
Email: cps@dca.ca.gov

– Who can apply to be an Expert Consultant and/or Practice Monitor?

A California licensed physical therapist, whose been practicing in the profession for a minimum of five (5) years; whose license is current and in good standing; have no current complaints or disciplinary action pending or taken against their license; knowledgeable in a particular area of practice and also in the laws, regulations and community standards of care for the practice of physical therapy in the state of California.

– What does an Expert Consultant do?

As an expert reviewer, you will be provided medical records and other information concerning an investigation.  This may include reports which contain interviews of patients, subsequent treating physical therapist, other witnesses, and physical therapist/physical therapist assistant who is the subject of the investigation.  Based on the case material reviewed, provide a written opinion describing the standard of care applicable to a given case and render your impartial opinion of the care provided by the subject licensee. If allegations are substantiated an expert may also need to present their findings at an administrative hearing.

– What does a Practice Monitor do?

Practice Monitors monitor the practice of a licensee who has been placed on probation for violating the Physical Therapy Practice Act. As the practice monitor, you serve as a subject matter expert to review the probationer’s current practice and to evaluate all aspects of the probationer’s practice and reports to the Board’s probation monitor.  Practice monitors are used in lieu of a supervising physical therapist when the probationer holds a vested interest in the physical therapy practice.

– Is this a permanent position with the Physical Therapy Board of California (Board) and/or how many hours will I be expected to work?

No, this is not a permanent position but will be required to sign an agreement/contract with the Board which outlines specific requirements.  However, this is not a binding contract prohibiting you from terminating your services at any time.  You will be contacted on an on call basis by Board staff, as needed.

– Do I have to travel?

There may be minimal travel.  The Board may request an expert conduct an onsite review of patient records and submit a written report of their findings to the Board. The Board makes every effort to use an expert in the general area of the alleged violation; however, in remote/rural areas, experts may be asked to travel.  In most cases, you will be conducting patient record review from complaints received on physical therapy practitioners in your area.

You will be required to testify in administrative hearings held before an administrative law judge for those cases that progress to a hearing, which may also require minimal travel.  In these instances, you will be considered an expert witness and will be required to meet with the Deputy Attorney General, assigned to prosecute the case, prior to the hearing for preparation of the hearing.

– How do I get reimbursed for my services as an expert consultant?

The expert consultant is reimbursed on a case by case basis. Upon completion of your report, you will be reimbursed $75.00 an hour for case review and report writing and $100.00 per hour for testimony at a hearing.

– Is there any formal training to become an Expert consultant/practice monitor?

Yes, you will be required to complete a one day training given by the Board. The Board targets geographic areas of need and will send mailings to physical therapists randomly selected in the targeted areas.

– When is the next training?


– When will you send me specific information regarding the date, time, and location of the course once scheduled?

You will be notified of the course with more specifics in writing once your application and current Curriculum Vitae is received and approved by the Board.

– Is there a fee for the course?

No, there is no fee for the course.

– Will I be compensated for my time I participate in the course?

No, you are not compensated by the board for your time taking the course.  However, you will be awarded six hours of continuing education for attending the training.