Practice Issues

If you have a practice issue question for the Physical Therapy Board of California (Board), you must submit your question in writing using the following format:

  • Inquirer's Name, Address and Telephone Number and Email Address
  • License Number (if applicable)
  • Present inquiry in question format. Example: Can a physical therapist assistant perform a functional capacity evaluation?
  • Present scenarios.
  • Multiple inquiries can be presented in the same request; however, each inquiry must be presented independently and follow the same format.

A practice issue question may be submitted via mail, e-mail or fax, but must include all of the information outlined above.

Please note that due to limited resources and the research that may be required to make a determination on a question, the Board may not be able to provide an immediate response.

There are several common inquiries that have been previously responded to by the Physical Therapy Board of California. These inquiries can be printed from this web site.

The subjects of the most common inquiries are as follows

Scope of Practice for Physical Therapists with an Electroneuromyography Certification
Staple & Suture Removal
Wound Debridement
Physical Therapist Assistants Serving in Leadership Roles
Physical Therapist Assistants Performing Functional Capacity Evaluations
Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants Receiving and Documenting Verbal Orders from a Physician
Acceptable Roles and Corresponding Limitations of the Physical Therapy Aide in Adult Day Health Care Setting
Clarification of Supervisory Responsibilities of the Physical Therapist when Supervising a Physical Therapy Aide and Section 1399 Requirements for Use of Aides
What are the Supervision Requirements for Physical Therapist Assistants?
Physical Therapists Providing Wellness within their Scope of Practice – Progress Notes Article
Use of Prefix, Affix, and Suffix - Board's Position on the Use of "Dr."
Legal vs. Competence - Are you Legal? What is Competence? Can You Demonstrate Your Competence?
Athletic Trainers in the Realm of Physical Therapy
Health Care Practitioner's Disclosure of Name and License Status


Clarification of a PT's Responsibility while Providing Supervised Training of an OT Obtaining Advanced Practice Certification in Hand Therapy or Physical Agent Modalities within the State of Calif.
Clarification of a PT's and OT's Scope of Practice within the State of Calif.


Below are some of the Attorney General (AG) Opinions that affect physical therapy. Additional AG Opinions that are not available on our web site are available on the Office of Attorney General's web site at

AG Opinion No. CV 75/282 - Manipulation
AG Opinion No. 65-21 - Diagnosis
AG Opinion No. 04-103 - Limited Liability Company

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