Applicant Work Status

You are NOT authorized to work as a physical therapist license applicant (PTLA) or physical therapist assistant license applicant (PTALA) until you receive written authorization from the PTBC granting you the appropriate status. You may work as a physical therapy aide as defined in the Requirements for the Use of Physical Therapy Aides in Section 1399 of the Physical Therapy Practice Act. You will receive a copy of the supervision requirements for PTLA or PTALA along with your applicant status letter.


Physical Therapist License Applicant Status

Physical Therapist Assistant License Applicant Status

Prior to passing the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE), foreign educated physical therapists can be employed as a physical therapy aide, per section 1399 of the Physical Therapy Practice Act.
After passing the NPTE, while completing the required period of clinical service in an approved facility, the applicant shall be identified as a "physical therapist license applicant" per section 2653(a)(3) of the Business and Professions Code.