Sponsored Free Health Care Events

NOTE: This page remains under construction and will be updated as the Board rolls out more information. The Board welcomes you to check back often.

The following information is meant to serve as a summary of the program and the requirements; however, all interested parties should read the full text of the legislation and the regulations.


Under the auspices of this program, free health care events can be sponsored either by a local government entity or a “sponsoring entity.”

A “sponsoring entity” is a non-governmental entity that wishes to sponsor a free health care event and must be either a nonprofit organization (organized pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) or a community-based organization, which is defined as a public or private nonprofit organization that is representative of a community or a significant segment of a community, and is engaged in meeting human, educational, environmental, or public safety community needs.

A non-government organization sponsoring a free health care event to uninsured and underinsured individuals may include participation by certain healthcare practitioners licensed outside of California if the organization registers with the California licensing authorities having jurisdiction over those professions. Local government entities that plan to sponsor a free health care event are not required to register.

Registration Form: A sponsoring entity can register by submitting the completed "Registration of Sponsoring Entity under Business & Professions Code Section 901," Form 901-A. The Board has delegated the registration process for sponsoring entities to the Department of Consumer Affairs.

To register, download this form. This form must be completed and submitted by the sponsoring entity at least 90 calendar days prior to the sponsored event.

The form must be submitted to the Department of Consumer Affairs, as indicated on page 3 of the form.

Fingerprinting of Out-of-State Physical Therapist Volunteers: Sponsoring entities should be aware that all out-of-state physical therapists must be fingerprinted before an authorization will be granted by the Board. (See more information, below.)


A person who is not licensed to practice physical therapy in California but who holds a current valid physical therapist license or certificate in good standing in another state, district, or territory of the United States to practice physical therapy can volunteer to provide physical therapy services at a sponsored free health care event.

An out-of-state physical therapist cannot apply independently; each application must specify the event at which the physical therapist wants to volunteer.

Note for California Licensees: A California licensed physical therapist may volunteer to provide physical therapy services at a free health care event if your California license is clear and valid. No further action is required before offering/volunteering services.

Application Process and Fees: An out-of-state licensed physical therapist may request authorization to participate in a sponsored free health care event by submitting to the Board a completed "Request for Authorization to Practice Without a California License at a Sponsored Free Health Care Event," Form 901-B.

If the application is approved, the Board will notify both the out-of-state physical therapist and the sponsoring entity that authorization has been given for physical therapist to participate in a specific free health care event; the authorization period may not be for more than 10 days. An out-of-state physical therapist must submit a new application and processing fee for each health event at which he or she wants to volunteer.

To apply for authorization, download this form. This completed form must be submitted by the out-of-state physical therapist at least 20 calendar days prior to the sponsored event. The form must be submitted to:

Physical Therapy Board of California
ATTN: Application & Licensing Services Program - Health Care Events
2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1350
Sacramento, CA 95815

Every application form must be accompanied by payment of a non-refundable, non-transferable processing fee of $50.

Fingerprinting Process and Fees: Before authorization can be granted to an out-of-state physical therapist, a criminal record check must be performed by the California Department of Justice and the FBI. A one-time, non-refundable fingerprint process fee of $49 must be paid by the out-of-state physical therapist. Once an out-of-state physical therapist has been fingerprinted and authorization has been granted by the Board, this fingerprinting process need not be repeated if the out-of-state physical therapist wishes to volunteer at future health care events in California.

An out-of-state physical therapist seeking authorization must submit a completed fingerprint card and should do so promptly. To request a fingerprint card, please email your request to the Board at Application_Material@dca.ca.gov and include your name, mailing address, and phone number. If you do not provide the required information, your request will not be processed. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive the fingerprint card in the mail.

In the alternative, out-of-state physical therapists may come to California to use Live Scan, an electronic fingerprinting process; it is expeditious, but it is available only in California. The results of Live Scan generally are received within five (5) days after the prints are scanned. To use Live Scan, please use this form.


Local government and sponsoring entities requiring more information about registration for sponsored free health care events should contact the Department of Consumer Affairs at:

Telephone: (916) 574-7800

Fax: (916) 574-8655

Email: lprdivision@dca.ca.gov

Physical therapist volunteers requiring more information about registration for sponsored free health care events should contact the Board’s Application & Licensing Services Program at:

Telephone: (916) 561-8200

Email: pta@dca.ca.gov