How to Apply

Please note, this is an overview of the basic application process and requirements for licensure. For forms and detailed information on application for examination and/or licensure requirements by qualification method, please refer to the below links listed under Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant or Electroneuromyographer Certification. 

Summary of What Makes a Complete Application

  1. Application form P1A, P1B and P1C
  2. Correct fee payment(s)
  3. Verification of education
    A P1E is required for a graduate of an accredited program, and a P1F or P1G is required for a graduate of a non-accredited program.
  4. Fingerprint Livescan (Hard card if out of state)
    You have to be in California to Livescan; however, you do not need to be a California resident.
  5. Register and pay for the NPTE and/or the CLE on the FSBPT’s website
    You will not be able to schedule your exam date and choose your testing location until the PTBC has granted you eligibility to test.
  6. NPTE Score Transfer from the FSBPT (endorsement applicants only)
    Once a Score Transfer is requested from the FSBPT, the FSBPT will send it directly to the PTBC. 
  7. Resume (endorsement applicants only)
  8. License verification(s) (endorsement applicants only)
    The PTBC will now verify endorsement applicants’ licenses online from each licensing jurisdiction’s website, if the information needed is available.  If a licensing jurisdiction does not have the information the PTBC needs to verify the license, the PTBC will notify the applicant, and the applicant will need to request license verification from that licensing jurisdiction.

Application and education verification deadlines are outlined here.
If all of the above are not submitted or completed at the time of application, application processing may be delayed in order to resolve outstanding deficiencies.

Application Processing Times
As of May 2016, the PTBC has a processing delay of approximately thirty (30) days.

If all application deadlines were met and a complete application was received, the PTBC will ensure exam eligibility is processed if the exam eligibility deadline is less than sixty (60) days from acknowledgement.

Standard Application Processing Times

Receipt of application and payment processing (PTBC)

The PTBC is obligated to process payments received pursuant to applicable laws and regulations; therefore, payments are processed prior to the evaluation of an application.  A payment that has cleared does not infer that the application has been evaluated.

Acknowledge receipt of application (PTBC)

Thirty (30) days
The PTBC cannot verify receipt of an application prior to issuing the acknowledgement letter.  If you wish to confirm the PTBC received your application, you may opt to use a mailing option that allows you to track your package.

Grant exam eligibility (PTBC)

Sixty (60) days following acknowledgement
If all application deadlines were met and a complete application was received, the PTBC will ensure exam eligibility is processed if the exam eligibility deadline is less than 60 days from acknowledgement.

Authorization to Test (ATT) letter (FSBPT)

Within 48 hours of the PTBC granting exam eligibility

Grant PTLA/PTALA status (PTBC)

Sixty (60) days following acknowledgement

Notification of exam scores (FSBPT)

Exam scores are provided by the FSBPT; the PTBC does not send scores to applicants.

Register and pay for exam retake

Registration and payment for an exam retake is available two (2) weeks following the previous exam date.

Grant eligibility for exam retake (PTBC)

Three (3) weeks from date applicant registered and paid for exam retake

License Issuance (PTBC)

Thirty (30) days from last fulfilled licensure deficiency

If you are reapplying and it has been more than one year since the date the PTBC closed your previous application, the PTBC no longer has that application file on record. Therefore, you are required to submit a new application with all required documents and comply with all the laws and regulations in effect at the time a new application is filed.

Physical Therapy (PT)

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

Electromyographer Certification (EMG)