Foreign Educated Physical Therapist Applying by Endorsement

A foreign educated applicant licensed in another State in the United States and applying for licensure to California must have his or her credentials evaluated by an approved credential evaluation service specifically for California.

You must have a current license at the time of application in another state, district, or territory in the United States in order to apply by endorsement pursuant to Section 2636.5 of the Business and Professions Code.

Verification of Work Experience to Satisfy the Required Period of Clinical Service
One (1) month of clinical service shall be waived for each month of licensed clinical practice in another state up to the required total of nine (9) months. Your employer must complete the required Work Verification Form, which documents that you have been practicing as a licensed physical therapist in another state for at least nine months. Each employer is required to complete and submit the Work Experience Verification form. If you currently have nine months of clinical experience as a licensed physical therapist in another state, please submit the completed Work Experience Verification form with your application.

If you are unable to document at least nine months of licensed physical therapy experience in another State in the United States, you must obtain additional clinical experience by meeting one of the following requirements:

  • Continue working as a physical therapist in the State in which you are licensed, or;
  • Complete the remaining period of clinical service in California in an approved facility