What Makes an Application Complete

Foreign Educated Graduate from a Non-Accredited PT Program

Complete Application Consists of the Following Documents

  • Fee Schedule with appropriate application fee
  • Application answer all questions, staple or paste picture, sign and date in blue ink. DO NOT send a copy of your social security card.
  • Certificate of Professional Degree – must remain in a sealed unopened envelope from an approved evaluation service
  • Completed Agency Copy of Live Scan Form or completed Fingerprint Card for out of state applicants. You may request a fingerprint card by emailing your full name and address to: Application_Material@dca.ca.gov.
  • If you require reasonable accommodations for the examination, a completed Disability Accommodations Request Form (D1) & Instruction for Evaluators must be completed and submitted with the application.

Additional Application Documents Required if Applying by Endorsement
You must have a current license in another state in order to apply by endorsement.

  • Verification of all current/expired PT or PTA License(s) - You must include with your application a Letter of Good Standing/Certificate of Endorsement from all the State Board(s) for which you have or have had licensure.
  • Score Transfer Report from the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (This form is available through the FSBPT website at https://school.fsbpt.net/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2F or call (703) 739-9420 to request the form)
  • Resume of Work Experience
  • Work Verification Form