Education & Credential Evaluation Report Requirements

Educational Requirements

Pursuant to Section 2653 of the Business & Professions Codes, a foreign educated applicant must provide satisfactory evidence to the PTBC that he or she has completed an equivalent professional degree to that issued by a United States accredited physical therapy educational program. The PTBC requires certification of educational equivalency from an approved credential evaluation agency.

Section 1398.26.1 of the California Code of Regulations lists the specific educational requirements that must be satisfied in order to submit satisfactory documentary evidence that your physical therapy education is equivalent.

TOEFL Requirements for Physical Therapist Applicants (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Pursuant to Section 2653(b) of the Business & Professions Code, all foreign educated physical therapist applicants must demonstrate English proficiency by achieving passing scores as specified by the PTBC on the TOEFL examination administered by the Education Testing Services (ETS).

Effective July 1, 2017, the PTBC requires the following minimum passing scores for the Internet-based TOEFL (IBT) in a single administration:

Internet-Based TOEFL Section Minimum Score
Reading 22
Listening 21
Writing 22
Speaking 24
Total 89

The PTBC does not permit the substitution of other examinations for the TOEFL.

Credential Evaluation Report Requirements

Contact an approved credential evaluation service below to have your credentials evaluated.

  • If your education is equivalent, the evaluation service sends you a "Certificate of Professional Degree Equivalency" that indicates you have met the equivalent professional degree. Applicants are required to submit the "Certificate of Professional Degree Equivalency" in a sealed unopened envelope with the application. Applications received without the "Certificate of Professional Degree Equivalency" will be considered incomplete. Pursuant to Section 1398.27, the PTBC is required to inform an applicant within 30 days whether the application is complete.
  • If you receive a credential evaluation report which identifies educational deficiencies, this credential evaluation report is for your use only and you do not qualify to apply. Therefore, do not submit the Application for Licensure until you have satisfied the deficiencies. Do not submit the credential evaluation report that identifies your deficiencies to the PTBC. The PTBC does not advise applicants about educational deficiencies listed on the evaluation. You will need to contact the evaluation services that evaluated your credentials to obtain information on how to satisfy your deficiencies.

Approved Evaluation Services

Each evaluation service has their own processing time and fee associated with evaluating credentials. The PTBC suggests that you contact each approved evaluation service to determine which evaluation service will meet your needs.

International Education Research Foundation (IERF)
P.O. Box 3665
Culver City CA 90231-3655

Foreign Credentialing Commission on PT (FCCPT)
PO Box 25827
Alexandria VA 22313

International Consultants of Delaware (ICD)
3600 Market Street, Suite 450
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651
PO Box 8629
Philadelphia, PA 19101-8629
(215) 222-8454 x510