Fingerprinting Information

Before the PTBC issues a license, a clearance must be received from the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Do not process your fingerprints via Live Scan until you are ready to submit your application. The PTBC will only maintain a person's DOJ and FBI fingerprint clearance without an application on file for up to 60 days as mandated by law. After 60 days, the PTBC will confidentially destroy the fingerprint clearances. You will then be required to process your DOJ and FBI fingerprint clearances again.


If you are in California you are required to have your fingerprints processed via Live Scan. Click on the link below for Live Scan locations. You do not need to reside in California to do a Live Scan in the state.

Live Scan Instructions & Form


If you are an out of state applicant you are required to submit a completed fingerprint card (ink on card) along with your application and the $49 fingerprint processing fee. To request a fingerprint card, please email your request to and include your name, mailing address, and phone number.  If you do not provide the required information, your request will not be processed. Please allow up to 10 business days to receive the fingerprint card in the mail. 


Contact DOJ directly if the PTBC has notified you that your fingerprints have been rejected and you are experiencing difficulty in obtaining a fingerprint clearance.

DOJ Contact Information
Web site: On the Home Page, Select Fingerprint Submissions
Telephone Number: 916-227-4557

Live Scan Instructions

What is Live Scan fingerprinting?

Live Scan is inkless electronic fingerprinting. The digitized fingerprints are electronically transmitted to computers at the DOJ for completion of criminal background checks.

Where are Live Scan Sites located?

There are more than 130 Live Scan sites throughout the state. A complete listing of Live Scan sites is available on the DOJ's web site at Business hours are noted for each location; however, you are encouraged to call the site first to determine if an appointment is necessary.

What is the fee for Live Scan fingerprinting?

You will be required to pay the following processing and preparation fees at the Live Scan site:

  • $49 processing fee ($32 DOJ and $17 FBI)
  • A rolling fee (as determined by the Live Scan agency)

Live Scan Form Instructions

  1. Complete the PTBC's "Request for Live Scan Service Form" in triplicate.
  2. Take the completed form (in triplicate) to the Live Scan site.
  3. Have a US state issued photo ID to show at the Live Scan site.
  4. Pay the processing and preparation fees at the Live Scan site.
  5. Submit page 2 of the form with your PTBC application

IMPORTANT! - To ensure your fingerprints are processed by DOJ and FBI, please confirm with the Live Scan Operator that they selected both the DOJ and FBI boxes on their computer screen. The PTBC has been experiencing problems with the Live Scan Operators not checking both boxes which will result in a delay in processing your application.